The Right Words

Over the years we have worked together I have found Jennifer Brown's work to be consistently appropriate to the design brief at hand, always able to fulfill the demands creatively and always able to go beyond my expectations. She is a delight to work with and her sense of humour has often come to our aid, assisting us to arrive at creative solutions that neither of us expected. ...Visit Jennifer's Website

Moira Dedrick, artist

...Visit Moira's web site...

DesignCode Development Services Inc.

Creative Edge Design has worked with DesignCode for almost a decade, through some of the most tumultuous and dramatic developments in the on-line world. Stefan Lehmann, their chief designer and developer somehow manages to stay on top of it all, providing excellent tools to make websites both more interactive and more engaging to audiences. ...Visit the DesignCode Website

3-D Software for Kids

This looks like an interesting way to get kids started in 3-D modelling. The professional tools are pretty daunting to learn but these will help them to get a foothold with the skills required. ...Kids Design Resources

Miboso® Authentic Branding

Rosemary Davies-Janes is the Founder and CEO of MIBOSO® Authentic
Branding. She has collaborated with Creative Edge Design on numerous
client projects since the mid 1990's.
MIBOSO's strategic application of words and guidance attracts new offers,
new projects, enhances careers and drives new found profits.

How does MIBOSO accomplish this?

Rosemary and her team have completed the challenging task of analyzing the
in-depth factors and processes that cause Authentic Brands to produce

Request Your Free Report:
5 Essential Factors that Make Brands Work and 5 Factors
that are Missing (or Just Plain Wrong) in Ineffective Brands. ...Click Here to visit Rosemary's website